My Health is MY Responsibility

Are you sick and tired of the seemingly never-ending debate about healthcare in America?  I sure am!  For years, I’ve been following the discussions extolling the virtues and ridiculing the vices of our current healthcare system.   Our system is screwed up, that’s for sure.  And so is the state of our health.  Our children are expected to live shorter lives than we are and health insurance is unattainable for many, and even our current meager options are in danger of diminishing or disappearing.  Diabetes, allergies, ADHD, autism, obesity and cancer are just a few of the debilitating diseases on the rise in America, while the future of health care is uncertain at best.  What are we supposed to do to protect ourselves, our children and our aging parents when everything is so unclear?

I was struck by a thought last week as I watched the Senate vote on the latest Obamacare repeal/replacement initiative.  Amid my anxious thoughts, like “What will happen to the people I love who rely on Medicaid?” and “What if pre-existing conditions aren’t covered?” and “As a woman, will I even be able to afford coverage at all?” came another thought “What can I do about my health?”….

The wealthiest man in the world has touched on this topic before, and I think his opinion is pretty insightful.  This is what Warren Buffet had to say about our bodies:

 “Imagine that you had a car and that was the only car you’d have for your entire lifetime. Of course, you’d care for it well, changing the oil more frequently than necessary, driving carefully, etc. Now, consider that you only have one mind and one body. Prepare them for life, care for them. You can enhance your mind over time. A person’s main asset is themselves, so preserve and enhance yourself.”

~ Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is a wise man.  He’s right – we need to invest in our own health.  That’s why I’ve decided to stop relying on the politicians and pharmaceutical companies and take responsibly for my own health.

There are many things that I cannot control with regard to my health, of course.  I can’t brew myself chemicals that kill cancer cells if I need chemotherapy.  I can’t grow insulin in my backyard if I get diabetes.  I can’t inoculate my kids from smallpox.  I need medical care for those scenarios, and I hope that our country can figure out how to make affordable healthcare available so I can protect myself and my family from those situations.   In the meantime, rather than continually watching the news and lamenting about how horribly everything is broken, I’m doing what I can about my own health.

I can’t vote on the health care bill, but I can:

  • Sleep as much as I can
  • Eat nutritious foods
  • Supplement my diet with vitamins and minerals
  • Avoid toxic chemicals in my home
  • Avoid alcohol and limit caffeine
  • Move my body
  • Spend time with friends and family
  • Meditate and pray
  • Spend time in nature
  • Soak up the sunlight (in moderation, of course)
  • Turn off the TV and other stressful distractions
  • Take fewer pills
  • Limit work hours
  • Take vacations
  • Learn new things
  • Laugh
  • Pet my dog
  • Hug my husband
  • Play with my kids

Our bodies are the vehicles we were assigned at birth to sustain us throughout our entire lifetime.  It’s not anyone else’s job to take care of our body – it’s ours!  There may not be a greater responsibility we are given in our lifetime.  Why do we poison ours bodies and brains by overindulging in alcohol, gorging ourselves with fried foods and watching violent, stressful, anxiety-provoking news shows and movies?  What’s the sense in depriving ourselves of rest and sleep just to check that last email?   Why do we use chemicals like RoundUp to kill weeds when Epsom salt and vinegar work better and even cost less?

Healthcare is not health.  Affordable insurance does not ensure longevity.  My doctor preference is not to have to see a doctor for anything major, rather than getting to see my favorite doctor every week.

Our healthcare system may be in shambles right now, but my health doesn’t have to be.

Imagine that you had a car and that was the only car you_d have for your entire lifetime. Of course, you_d care for it well, changing the oil more frequently than necessary, driving


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