About Me

Carrie Helmers is an advocate of self-acceptance and empowerment for all.  A writer, wife and mother, she left her marketing career to help inspire and encourage ordinary people to embrace their extraordinariness in simple, every day moments.  Follow her on Facebook  and Twitter.




To protect the innocent (or not-so-innocent), I’ve created pen names for the loved ones in my life.  So who are these people?

Who is Lancelot?  Lancelot is my husband of 10+ years.  Brilliant, kind, sensitive, loyal and fun – Lancelot is my best friend and the yang to my yin.  We have a perfectly imperfect marriage full of extraordinarily ordinary moments.

Who is The Professor?  The Professor is my first-born son, currently a first grader.  He’s funny, sweet, sensitive and amicable with a tendency to impart his wisdom on those around him.  I learn a lot from The Professor.

Who is Huckleberry Finn?  Huck Finn is my baby boy, currently in Pre-Kindergarten.  He’s curious, tenacious, demanding, opinionated, loving and sweet.  In other words, he’s four.