Thank You for Reading

The month of gratitude is upon us, and I would be absolutely remiss if I didn’t take a moment to thank you, dear readers, for the gift of your readership.  Your time and energy are precious and I’m humbled by the time you’ve spent on this little blog of mine.  I feel it’s only fair to tell you how this blog has impacted my life.

Last fall, I set out to try to heal some broken parts of my spirit while radiating peace, harmony and joy in the world.  I was feeling overwhelmed by life and all its pressures, and I felt uncomfortable in my own skin.  I felt lost, and alone.  The things I was doing to make myself happy weren’t working.  I knew I could be a better mom, wife, friend and human, but I was holding myself to an unattainable standard of perfection that was doing way more harm than good.

I knew I wanted to be a better version of myself, I just didn’t know how to go about doing that.  Then one morning as I was journaling, I was struck by a very simple realization.  I love to write!  Maybe I could write myself right.  Then another thought hit me.  Maybe I wasn’t alone in feeling alone.  I thought sharing my journey of self-acceptance might appeal to other people feeling the same things I was feeling.  Thus, Good Enough was born.

I haven’t had grand ambitions with this blog.  My intention has never been to sell people anything other than self-acceptance.  I have wanted to express myself and connect with other people.  These goals may sound simple, but they have been extremely powerful in my life.

Over the months I’ve been blogging, I’ve been inspired to make many changes in my life – some drastic, and some more subtle.  I’ve been motivated to turn in my unhealthy behaviors – like drinking too much alcohol, numbing my feelings and judging those around me – into healthy actions.  I’ve cleaned up my home and my thinking.  I’ve lost weight, physically and mentally.  I’ve traded in anxiety for hope.  I’ve stopped worrying so much and started playing more.  I’ve realized the depths of my passions for the marginalized in our society and have made steps to work for equality and justice.  I’ve learned to give out more grace and let people live their own lives, and in doing so, I’ve found peace.  I’ve woken up to the fruitlessness of seeking perfection when there are so many more valuable activities to spend my energy on.

I’ve found my voice.  And I’ve used it.

I’ve learned so, so much.  And with every lesson, I’ve realized how much more I still have to learn.

Oprah once observed that the three most powerful words in the world may not be “I love you,” but rather “I hear you.”  Humans have a very real need to be heard and understood.  We want our feelings validated more than we want them agreed with.  The phrase, “Shut up!” was frowned upon in my household growing up, and with good reason.  Telling someone to hush can be incredibly demeaning.  We all just want to be heard.

This blog has given me the opportunity to express myself.  It’s given me a chance to sit down with seemingly overwhelming thoughts and competing pressures and sort through the chaos.  It’s given me clarity that was desperately missing from my life.  These are precious gifts.  I didn’t realize how important they would be to me on my journey of self-acceptance.

Spiritual guru Deepak Chopra once told an audience that he spends many hours a day reading, but if he can’t find something worthwhile to read, he writes something instead.  Amid the sound of the audience laughing, I remember thinking, “What a brilliant idea!”

The fact is, there is a whole lot of information clutter in the world today.  We have more channels on TV than we could ever watch.  Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV have increased our media-viewing options tenfold.  Library shelves and bookstores are loaded with magazines, books, videos and audiotapes galore.  Apps such as Audible and podcasts from every walk of life are readily available to fill our ears and minds with communications.  There is definitely no shortage of messages shouting at us and asking for our attention.  And yet, many of the media available for our viewing or reading pleasure are unfulfilling.

So, like Deepak, when I realized that there wasn’t anything out there for me to read in order to heal my broken spirit, I decided to create something myself.  That’s this blog you are reading right now.

I understand that this blog is just one of many things that may cross your desk today.  I appreciate your attention and your time.  I’m sure you don’t agree with everything I write, and that’s okay.  My goal is for some of the things I write about to speak to you in a small way.  If I’ve ever done that, then I feel privileged and grateful, indeed.

Thank you for reading my words.  You’ve helped me morph from a broken and insecure perfectionist into a flawed but content human being.

Thank you for inspiring me to make the world a more acceptable place to live in.

Thank you.




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