They’re Gonna Do It Anyway

When it comes to conversations about gun control, there’s one argument that pops up quite regularly that stops the conversation in its tracks entirely needlessly.  When a suggestion is made to limit access to assault rifles, a gun-toting NRA advocate can often be heard saying, “But what about BOSTON?  That massacre happened without a SINGLE GUN.  There’s no need to make stricter gun laws.  The terrorists will find a way to cause terror no matter what!”

The argument is:  Terrorists will find a way to terrorize even if they don’t have easy access to guns, so it’s pointless to try to limit their access to guns.

Makes sense on the surface, right?  Why bother?  The bad guys are going to do bad things regardless, so let’s not try to do anything to limit them.

This logic has inspired me to take action in my own life.

I’ve decided to dress in naughty negligees when I make my weekly trips to Sprouts Farmers Market.  Men are sex-crazy and they are going to find a way to rape women anyway – why not let them see the goods before they partake?

I like to go on dates with my husband without my children around, and it’s really a pain in the neck to go around getting recommendations and interviewing potential babysitters.  I figure the single guy living down the street is as good as any other to watch my kids while I’m away.  No need to check the Sex Offender list or do a background check.  Pedophiles are going to find a way to target my little boys anyway – why not just embrace it?

I’m so sick and tired of locking my doors at night and setting our alarm.  What’s the point?  Burglars are going to burglarize anyway!  No more door locking for us, thank you very much.  Think of all the time we’ll save not having to look for our pesky house keys.

Sunscreen to protect against sunburn and skin cancer?  Hogwash!  Brushing teeth to prevent cavities?  Nonsense!  Seatbelts to help me survive a car crash?  Baloney!  Accidents happen!  Cavities are inevitable!  Sunburn is a fact of life!

The bad stuff is going to happen anyway.  Taking a teeny-tiny baby step in the direction of protection is clearly a waste of time.

The bad guys are gonna do it anyway.

Do you accept that?  I’m all for self-acceptance – this entire blog was created on the basis of acceptance – but I will not stand for illogical arguments that do nothing to keep us safe.

We can do better than this.


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